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Ronald Reagan Biography - Key Events

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March 30-Assassination attempt by John W. Hinckley, Jr.

July 20-21-Economic Summit, Ottawa

August 13-Economic Recovery Tax Act

September 21-Sandra Day O'Connor confirmed as Justice of the Supreme Court.


June 5-6-Economic Summit, Versailles


May 28-30-Economic Summit, Williamsburg, Virginia

October 25-U.S. invasion of Granada


June 7-9-Economic Summit, London

November 19-21-Reagan-Gorbachev Summit, Geneva.


May 4-6-Economic Summit, Tokyo.

September 17-William Rehnquist confirmed as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court; Antonin Scalia confirmed as Justice of the Supreme Court.

October 10-11-Reagan-Gorbachev Summit, Reykjavik

October 22-Tax Reform Act

November 6-Immigration Reform and Control Act

Ron and Nancy Farewell


June 8-10-Economic Summit, Venice.

December 8-Reagan and Gorbachev sign the Intermediate Nuclear

Force (INF) Treaty at the Summit in Washington, DC.

December 8-10-Reagan-Gorbachev Summit in Washington, DC.


February 3-Anthony Kennedy confirmed as Justice of the Supreme Court.

May 29-June 2-Reagan-Gorbachev Summit in Moscow. The leaders exchanged ratifications of the INF Treaty.

June 19-21-Economic Summit, Toronto.

September 28-U.S.-Canada Free Trade Agreement Implementation Act.

November 18-Anti-Drug Abuse Act

December 7-Final meeting between Reagan and Gorbachev.